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distinguished members of the giants ownership group, charles johnson, david jenkins, trina and rob veen, tory and steven humphrey and allen baer. and we also joined by past giants owners. please welcome the family jamie and kim rupert and peter stoneum. also here with us today bob and connie laurie. peter and debbie mc clawlin. bill and sally newco. and now let's give it up for your giants training staff. david, mark and carl, and harold. [cheers and applause] [inaudible] your assistant coaches. shawn dun can, dave stone and the there will will clark. [cheers and applause] . and the manager for the past 54 years the legendary one, mike murphy. [cheers and applause] and we would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of the giants alumni that we have here today including former giants manager feleap laua and five of our hall of famers. gay lord perry, orlando si pirra, jaun, lily misconnie, and willy mays. [cheers and applause] we also want to acknowledge congresswoman nancy pelosi along with her husband. thank you so much for being here. we know how busy you with the election jus
to the services and not to admin stuff. >> and that is like glide. >> my mother-in-law was robbed of a couple thousand in cash. that is the problem with cash. once it's gone, it's gone and credit is fabulous, especially in the rush in the stores, right. and i left my wallet at the couldn't before. you're safe and protectd. >> and that is the idea. how do you do that? i want to be safe and not lose the cash and don't want to get in the store caught up with the rush or the fact that it's the last minute here and there is a week before christmas. i am more tempted to say give it to me. i have no time to fool around. >> and there is a few things. most people forget every gift in february. >> do i need to bump it up? >> exactly. is someone going remember x, y, and z or going the frenzy because i think this is important. it's not. >> the bills are going to come. >> respect your own personal financial situation if it's going to propel you into debt and you're going to feel sick, don't do it. >> yeah. >> and what are the worst moves? >> randomly opening up credit cards. they're going to say how abou
their homes and put into the hands of the individuals who are robbing stores who are taking people's lives. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> it's a question every parent is asking, how do i talk to my child about the school shooting massacre in connecticut? cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo with how bay area parents are handling the difficult situation in different ways. >> reporter: the blades are on the ice and a chill is definitely in the air. as parents struggle with what to say to the kids the day after one of the worst school massacres in u.s. history. jessica talked with her teens about it but -- >> i think it's better for my 7-year-old to stay innocent of that kind of event. >> enjoy just being a kid. >> it was a hard day and i nearly broke down at work. >> reporter: john took his daughter skating. he said he talked with them gently but directly. >> we definitely talked about it. wanted to make sure they felt safe and they understood that there is evil in the world but we do love them and we will try to protect them any way we can. >> i put myself in those other pare
are robbing stores who are taking people's lives. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> in san francisco, there was also a long line of people waiting to turn in guns. police worked with community groups to get the word out about the gun buyback program. so many people responded in san francisco that they ran out of money and they had to give out ious. one woman said the connecticut massacre prompted her to turn in her father's guns. >> the recent events have really spurred something that i have been thinking about for a long time. my family's personal history was -- destiny was stolen by guns in their lifetime, my grandfather and my father, my mother's. and i don't want my grandchildren to go through this. this is the easiest statement that i could make was to turn in these guns. >> police say they took in 300 guns in oakland and 125 in san francisco. they say there were still people in line when the buyback ended. they took names and phone numbers and will contact them. >>> our cbs 5 weather camera look toward the golden gate bridge. if you are heading into the city, we'll te
on the list goes to espn commentator rob parker, the former detroit news coal imu.s. yesterday questioned the blackness of washington red skins robert griffin iii claiming he was not authentic. >> i keep hearing things, we all know he has a white fiance, talk about he's a republican. he's not really, okay. he's black, does the thing, but he's not really down with the cause. he's not one of us. he's kind of black. he's in the -- he's not really, like, the guy you want to hang out because he's off to something else. lou: espn suspended parker indefinitely, and to be honest with you, i think we would miss him, don't you? ambassador rice questioning contributics about false statements on benghazi, the a-teamtakes it up and more. doug shone, angela, join us next. >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your
francisco sheriffs deputy accused of robbing a bank will be back in court tomorrow. police say philip tong robbed the bank of america in the richmond district of san francisco back in november. according to officers, tong handed the teller a note, saying he was armed. investigators also had video to identify tong, along with fingerprints on the note. >>> and thousands of nurses plan to walk off the job on christmas eve. >> a spokesperson for the california nurses association says they will be going on a one-day strike. nurses at nine bay area hospitals are participating in that strike. union leaders and hospital officials remain at odds with issues like benefits and staffing levels. >>> and on the national front, secretary of state hillary clinton is recovering at her home after hitting her head and suffering a concussion. >> she had canceled an overseas trip last week because she was sick with the stomach virus. the state department says she was dehydrated from that virus and fainted, hitting her head. she is being monitored right now by doctors and is working from home. because of her il
list on the upper right side of the page. >> host: rachel cox, who was rob cox? >> guest: rob cox is my deceased uncle who made the decision in june of 1941, six months before pearl harbor brought america into world war ii, he made the decision that he wanted to fight the war against fascism and went to england and enlisted as aen officer candidate with the british -- as an officer candidate with the british army. he took with him four friends, another man who was a student at harvard and three dartmouth guys who had recently graduated and were intent on doing what they could to help the cause of freedom and liberty against the forces of nazi fascism. >> host: and so he was studying at harvard at the time. what was he studying, and what was his life trajectory at that point? >> guest: well, he, like his -- he, like his fore brothers, had grown up in new jersey and vermont where his family had had property for quite, several generations. he went to prep school at st. paul school where he distinguished himself as a student and as a student leader and as an athlete. and like all his brothe
-year-old girl who tried to rob a convenience store with a loaded gun." that's a real insight to the challenges we have, but just the challenge that anybody has coming here just sort of taking it all in and trying to sort through what's important and what's not. >> that was the strange thing. you mentioned the evangelist murders. at one point, i was just doing a lot of research into detroit history, and i came across this very sensational crime that happened, you know, in the 20s, in this -- it caught my attention because it involved italians, and my parents were here, are, you know, both italian immigrants, and so at that time, this neighborhood -- actually, very close to where the blues concerts are on the east side, was very italian, and there was this guy, called himself benny evangelist. his last anytime was evangelista. he was kind of a cult leader. there was some catholic stuff, but he basically had his own religion and wrote a weird book called small like "the secret history of the universe revealed through a cult science in detroit, michigan." [laughter] which i almos
friedman said, we just don't have the time to bone up on the people who are trying to rob us through the x corporation, the people who are trying to rob us through the y union and the people who are getting a subsidy for this and that because we think about it for ten seconds a year, and they think about it all day every day. so there's only one thing that we can do, and that's to cut taxes and slash the size of the government. [applause] because, you know, who knows, who knows if there are confidence men. i don't know. you know, i met mitt romney. i like him very much. i shook his hand. on the other hand, i actually grew up and was born on the south side of chicago where obama claims to come from and was born in hyde park, and i saw that whole substratum -- i see everything through -- of course, they're all confidence men. next question. [laughter] >> we have a question here. >> [inaudible] ross is reopening a revival with al pacino playing a different role. your great and striking plays are rather cynical about american capitalism, and no great problem this. interestingly, harold pinter,
their children robbed of them at such a young age when they had so much life ahead of them. people gathered in golden gate park to reflect on the tragedy. some people lit candles. others wrote notes to the victims' families while others simply cried. our coverage covers throughout the newscast. coming up at 10:30 we'll have a live report from newtown, connecticut. >>> we have developing news tonight in san francisco where a standoff is now underway with a man and possibly a hostage. that has led to the evacuation of a residential building where the man is hold up. jade hernandez is live at california and larkin with late details. jade? >> ken, police say a man who's threatening he has a weapon is refusing to come outside his apartment. traffic is being diverted from california to larkin and the streets between larkin and hyde are closed. no pedestrian traffic is being allowed through at this hour. 30 minutes ago, san francisco police spokesman told us a hostage negotiator is out here. the department has a s.w.a.t. team and their technical command post set up. police cannot confirm whether o
out about this program right now. so, i just want to say thank you to all of you, to rob black from the restaurant association, benny yee to being here, our merchants, our neighbors and all the city partners who really believe in supporting the businesses and of course to todd from the office of economic and work force development, supervisor chu and our mayor ed lee. thank you so much for this opportunity to help out our small businesses in our community. thank you very much and we'll be available for questions later on. thanks. (applause) ...
and. >> we started in 1998. >> not the normal financial whiz. according to the vice-president, rob burke, while some mattress companies might turn out 1500 units every 24 hours. >> we vary a lot. it will be anywhere from seven to 12 a day. it's not a lot of mattresses. reporter: though they can cost upwards of $5,000 each and customers may have to wait three weeks for delivery, but the mattresses have a ten-year warranty. >> other products don't last as long. >> aren't you going to put yourself out of business for making a mattress that lasts too long? >> we could. >> we could make it in a less expensive manner. but we believe in the product and believe in the family name. >> so in a hursh up, build it overseas type of world, here's your local contradiction, 113 years old, 31 employees, still succeeding the old way. >> you learned a lot today. issue in issue -- more than you thought. >> in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc-7 news. >> ama: tonight is a nice night to be cuddled up inure bed. it's cold out there. >> leigh: it's been cold all day long. the showers moving across the ba
rob parker, the former detroit news coal imu.s. yesterday questioned the blackness of washington red skins robert griffin iii claiming he was not authentic. >> i keep hearing things, we all know he has a white fiance, talk about he's a republican. he's not really, okay. he's black, does the thing, but he's not really down with the cause. he's not one of us. he's kind of black. he's in the -- he's not really, like, the guy you want to hang out because he's off to something else. lou: espn suspended parker indefitely, and to be honest with you, i think we would miss him, don't you? ambassador rice questioning contributics about false statements on benghazi, the a-team takes it up and more. doug shone, angela, join us next. [ roasting firewood ] ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. lou: on a day of national tragedy, we remember another one. today is the two-year anniversary of the death of border patrol agent bryan terry murdered in a shootout on the arizona-mexi
. >>> the sheriff's deputy accused of robbing a bank will be back in court tomorrow. and police say he -- saying that he was armed and investigators used video from the bank to i.d. him and fingerprints and thousands of nurses walked off of the job on christmas eve. nurses at 9 bay area hospitals are participating and the union and hospital officials remain at odds with issues like benefit and&staffing. and it's a question that every parent is asking. how do you talk to your child about the school shooting in connecticut. >> and how bay area adults are handling the topic and more tips from child psychologist. ome...the politics of gun control. . >> and, looking at new calls for tougher gun control. after the newtown school shooting. still to come. the politics behind them, gun control. >> we'll be right back. the raiders-cheifs game this . >> we have wet rain in the area. the extended forecast shows it afternoon at one-twenty-fiv and be sure to watch the 5th quarter right after the . >>> just a remindder, cbs 5 will have the raiders-chiefs game this afternoon at 1:25 and after that, we're going
they are doing. rob said it depends on the cuts. i like the fact that compromise is in the works though, that is how government is supposed to work. thanks for sharing with us. a lot of you had things to say about whether or not speaker boehner should remain speaker boehner. that's for another day. that's for us here in washington, "fox news sunday" is up next. i'm shannon bream. thanks for watching and be sure to reach out to those around you who you know are in need today. >> i'm chris wallace. a deadly grade school shooting in connecticut leaves officials, parents, and the nation searching for answers. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. >> we'll have live reports from the scene with the latest on the investigation and the victims. we'll talk with police, parents of some of the children who attend the school. and with the state's long-time senator joe lieberman. >> then will there be a new push on capitol hill for cuffer gun control? we hear the same calls after every mass shooting. but will the horrific
of those who have had their children robbed from them at such a young age when they had so much life ahead of them. as we mentied that shooting in '96 and also in '96 a shooting in tasmania that ended with five people being killed. that statement after that we received from prime minister julie gillard. >> it is almost beyond comprehension, but that is what we have seen today. heartfelt sympathies go to those families who have lost a child. to those families who have lost a loved one. to those families who are now trying to counsel their young children that has been witness to such shocking scenes and so distressed as a result. >> two of the statements from coming all across the world in demonstrations of solidarity. back to you, john, in newtown. >> victor, you said it so well. if there is one thing that is universal, it is the love for our children. victor blackwell in atlanta, we'll come back to you in a little bit. for more information on how you can help those affected by the shooting go to ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relie
, hello. caller: i think we have been mismanaged. wall street robbed the country and now they're going after the people to pay for wall street. now the people have to pay for what they have done to us. host: what does that mean to you? what would you like to see happen? caller: some people should have gone to prison for robbing us. some people should be held accountable. it seems like the politicians and wall street are together, but it is the people against wall street. corporations run everything and the politicians are right there with them making money. host: matt kibbe. guest: i happen to agree with you. there is this unholy collusion between, what i would call insiders, the chronic capitalists, all those people who hire lobbyists come to washington, d.c., to get a special deal come get an earmark in a spending bill. that's typically how this happens. it is the political parties and these crony capitalists. i would not exclude left interests like the unions out well. the people who pay for that are the people on the downside to do not have a lobbyist in washington, d.c., starting
news to commuters but bad news to farmers who need the fog for their robs. >>> this week city leaders will consider a proposal to ban surveillance drones. the proposal would establish a no drone zone in berkeley. supporters are worried the aircraft could be used to spy on residents and says this would prevent law enforcement from using them. this comes a week after alameda county tabled a decision by the sheriffs department to spend more than $31,000 for a grant. happening now we want to take you out to newtown, connecticut where investigators are holding a press conference for an update on the sandy hook elementary shooting. let's listen in. >> but i can tell you i have recovered evidence. we have recovered some evidence. it's being processed. the weaponry involved. we are pushing all the way back to the workbench. and every bit of information regarding every weapon is also being examined and looked at with our federal partners. in addition, the examination by the officers is ongoing. hopefully we'll be able to release actual information on the last in this case. i don't have details
the pipeline. one senator is reminding the president he needs to make those intentions public. rob portman sent mr. obama a letter last week reminding the white house of its legal requirement to publish these regulatory president obama promised the most transparent in history but he has failed to comply with the basic duty to publish his plans for new regulations as required by federal law. we will keep an eye on it. >> shannon: this some breaking news just in from newtown, connecticut. fox news has spoken with lt. paul vance who says there has been a threat of violence at saint rosa lima church. now our reporter anna kooiman has been there today covering the many families who have been coming and going. you have seen there are many folks there for comfort and there for mass today. the church chose to evacuate. state police and newtown police searched the church. there was some type of threat but said they found nothing. the church is clear now. folks have been cleared to go back in and services there continue. police are not being specific about what type of threat there was. but, again, many
where's devon. >> reporter: how do you deal with the fact that at that age your child has been robbed of so much innocence? >> this has to become part of who they are, because they are going to live with it their entire lives. we all go through horrible things at different times in our lives, and it's a shame that they had to be exposed to this at such a young age and lose a part of their innocence. >> nbc's lester holt reporting. all schools in newtown will be closed tore. classes for students attending sandy hook elementary, those classes will resume on wednesday but at a different location. >>> meanwhile, as president obama prepares to comfort families in newtown, visit like this have become all too farm during his presidency. today marks the president's fourth such visit to a community that has been turned upside down by a mass shooting. the sandy hook elementary school shooting has reopened a controversial debate over gun control, over mental health as well, but it begs the question will this tragedy be the tipping point in the fight over gun control specifically. i want to bring
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)